Saginaw Valley Orchid Society

2014 Show report


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Our display

The Saginaw Valley Orchid Society had a great show and good weather.
I would like to thank everyone who helped set up and take down. The exhibit went up with good speed and came down as fast.
The following members placed plants in the exhibit: Eleanor Baker, Helmut Schick, Judy Enger, Carol Jurek, Paul Bouleau, Linda Sule, Lori Lickly, Edith Sommers, Rollie Wilson, and Jack Shumaker.
We received a 3rd place ribbon for the exhibit which included 34 orchids and a lot of green plant fillers.
When judging was done there were 21 ribbons hanging inside the exhibit. Best Paph was won by Jack Shumaker and was pulled for AOS judging but not awarded. We all had a greattime working together for the good of the society.
Marilyn Whittaker, with the help of Sue Konkle, put up a great exhibit with plants under lights. She received a blue ribbon for the exhibit plus ten ribbons. Three plants were pulled for AOS judging. One received a HCC owned by Sue Konkle, Paph Winter Coat. Congrats.
Tom and Carol Jurek also set up a very nice exhibit. They received a blue ribbon for the exhibit and 12 ribbons.
Rollie Wilson also set up a very nice exhibit also receiving a blue ribbon for the exhibit plus 20 ribbons. Very nice.
Linda Sule also set up an exhibit in a smart looking basket receiving a blue ribbon for the exhibit plus three ribbons.
Sally Heinlein also set up a very nice exhibit with a waterfall. She received a blue ribbon, plus trophy for best individual exhibit and a trophy for best Phragmipedium. She received 13
ribbons and had two plants pulled for AOS judging. Phrag besseae var flava was awarded a CCM. Great job.
Again, thanks to everyone who helped with all of the exhibits and hard work for another successful show.

Jack Shumaker